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Original Krav Maga. Blue Belt program Vol.3. Yaron Lichtenstein

To mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Imi Lichtenfeld, Yaron Lichtenstein, world´s maximum degree in Krav Maga and certified as 9th dan by Imi Lichtenfeld, decided to undertake an extensive project in memory of the creator: explaining the official original Blue Belt program, such as it appears in the manual published by Imi 1971, in a series of 6 DVDs. The whole essence of the system, both in its physical and mental, appears in the Blue Belt level at the highest level a student can achieve. In this series, and with the help of his son Rotem, Grand Master Yaron explains in detail all the defenses against empty hands attacks, special exercises, multiple attackers, all defenses against attacks with stick, knife and gun, and finally the more advanced exercises: defenses against rifle with a bayonet. A work that will enable you to understand the magnitude of the creation of Imi, the greatness of Krav Maga as self defense martial art.Some of defenses that Imi created and integrated into the Krav-Maga have made history all over the world. In this third volume we begin to teach these defenses: short and long stick and also against a gun threat.

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